General Election 2005

Five candidates contested the North Wiltshire seat in the General Election:

All five were present at a "Meet the Candidates" event at the Abbey on April 18th, chaired by the vicar, Rev Neill Archer. Each candidate was invited to introduce themselves, after which they answered questions put to them by members of the public.

A wide range of subjects was covered including Europe, pensions, animal welfare, and the war in Iraq. The candidates predictably disagreed on subjects such as Britain's role in Europe, but there was also unanimity on the urgent need for action on climate change and the importance to them personally of the fight to end world poverty.

There were particularly interesting revelations on the subject of school dinners. Mr Nash stated that Labour had been planning to take action before Jamie Oliver came on the scene, Mr Allnatt and Mr Fox were both active on the County Council's school meals committee. Mr Gray mentioned the two universal truths about school dinners, firstly that they were in all places and ages revolting, and secondly that children's liking for food was in inverse proportion to its healthy aspect. And Mr Dewdney revealed what he did with his serving of liver when he was at school.

As a final question the candidates were asked to say positive things about the other parties which they did with varying success.

The vicar concluded the meeting by thanking the candidates for attending and suggesting that the best way to express our gratitude was by casting our vote on May 5th.

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