Abbey Floodlights Switched On

Malmesbury Abbey's new external lights were switched on at 9:00pm on Sunday April 27th by the Archdeacon of Malmesbury, Ven. Alan Hawker, after a short service of dedication.

The new system consists of a series of floodlights placed around the Abbey to illuminate the building from all sides, and five bollards along the path from the main door.

The cost of the project was £41,000, and the fundraising was co-ordinated by the Friends of Malmesbury Abbey. Their Chairman, Ron Bartholomew, thanked the people of Malmesbury for their generosity, saying that although the appeal was only launched in October, by the middle of December enough money had been promised to enable them to commit themselves to the project, and by the end of January the total amount required had been raised.

The floodlights will be on every evening until 11:00pm, while the bollards will be activated automatically when the path is in use. The system was installed by Anthony Smith of Stonehouse, one of the few companies in the UK that specialises in lighting ecclesiastical buildings.

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