New Development Plan Launched

A public meeting took place at Corn Gastons School on Friday March 23rd 2001, at which a plan for a major development to the north of the town on land owned by Lord Morton was launched.

Presentations were made by local residents and businessmen as well as Lord Morton's agent Peter Neale. The main elements of the plan were 450 houses including low cost starter homes and housing association property; a retail development; a park and ride; an open space on the river flood plain on which building would not be allowed; and a new ground and facilities for Malmesbury Football Club. The development would also include the construction of a feeder road from Tetbury Hill to the Old Bristol Road, which would effectively complete the Malmesbury bypass. Click here for a copy of the statement handed out to all who attended the meeting.

After the presentations were completed there was a lively and positive discussion with strong views expressed both in favour of and against the plan. Speakers included District and County Councillor Lesley Bennett, and Councillor Charles Vernon, acting head of the Malmesbury Council Planning Committee, who both urged those with views to express to pass them on to the Committee so that plans can be drawn up that represent the best interests of the people of Malmesbury

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